Blood Flow Restriction Training

February 27, 2022

South Jersey PT now offers blood flow restriction training for our patients and clients! Blood flow restriction (BFR) is a tourniquet type system that occludes blood flow to your extremities. This occlusion creates a temporary decrease in oxygen to your tissues. This results in a cascade of metabolic processes necessary for improving muscle strength and muscle physiology. The goal of BFR training is to prevent muscle atrophy and weakening associated with pain and injury. 

Benefits of BFR 

BFR is a bridge between low level table exercises and higher intensity resistance training. It can also act as a supplement to high load training in a single session. Those who cannot handle high mechanical stress often find that BFR is a great and safe alternative to heavy lifting. There are also specific BFR protocols that promote cardiovascular health. Some examples of those who would benefit from BFR include post operative conditions, ACL rehab, pain associated with osteoarthritis, acute injuries, and chronic pain. 

How BFR Helps Our Patients 

One of our patients, who suffered a biceps rupture, is currently using BFR. This type of surgery requires weightlifting restrictions for 3-4 months post-op. BFR has been a great supplement to his current PT regimen. He has been able to apply the necessary stress to his muscles to improve overall strength without lifting more than five pounds! Watch the videos below for an idea of what BFR looks like for our patients!

Other Uses

BFR can also be integrated into a current training or athletic program. Without sacrificing total weekly output, it allows you to dial back high intensity days. For example, an in-season sports or CrossFit athlete may be performing multiple workouts per day on top of designated sporting events. High intensity volume and heavy lifting may not be indicated, so BFR is a great way to continue to build strength without the body taking a beating. 

On the other end of the spectrum, BFR is a great way to add a finishing metabolic “burner” for a bodybuilder whose main goal is muscle growth. For example, after a heavy training session, you can use BFR for low intensity work. Again, the hypoxic state BFR creates allows for a significant influx of hormones necessary for protein synthesis (aka MUSCLE!!).

BFR training can take your rehab and training to the next level at SJPT! Click here to schedule a consultation and learn more about how BFR training can help you. 

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