South Jersey Physical Therapy, LLC, combines the best of traditional (Eastern) and modern (Western) medicine to create a personalized patient journey for our clientele. Our holistic or “whole body” approach and our proven “SJPT 3 Step Process” help eliminate pain while educating and elevating our clientele to peak health and performance at any age. Our clinical experts will help you address and cure the root causes(s) of your issues and keep you pain free for life!

What makes SJPT different than all the other physical therapy clinics?

The SJPT WHOLE BODY APPROACH sets us a cut above the rest!

We identify and treat the origins of pain or “root cause issues” instead of simply managing the symptoms. We have no support staff and we do not double-book appointments. Our one-on-one physical therapy sessions allow us to dedicate our undivided attention to each and every patient.  In addition, our doctorate level therapists assess the entire body during our evaluations; not just individual body parts. Our holistic and individualized approach allows clients to experience:

  • Accelerated recovery process
  • Healthy and functional movement patterns
  • Healthier habits that foster sustainable health and performance
  • Fewer PT visits
  • Fewer Injuries
  • Decreased or eliminated chronic pain
  • Fewer doctor appointments and exploratory imaging
  • Initial Investment that saves you on unnecessary long term medical costs (See cost breakdown below)
  • A lower overall expense of time and money
  • A wealth of education for a lifetime of health


What is “identifying root cause issues” vs. simply managing the symptoms?

We identify the root cause(s) of your body’s dysfunction and what source is causing you pain. Pain can often radiate away from the actual source of injury, so by identifying the root cause, we can then more effectively treat the symptoms you’re experiencing. As we always say, “The sight of pain is oftentimes not the cause of pain.”

How are SJPT Physical Therapists staying current with new techniques?

All of our Physical Therapists have gone through doctorate-level physical therapy education and take advanced continued education courses to remain proficient in treating injuries. Our doctors are passionate about their own health and wellness, therefore constantly learning on a personal and professional level. We go way beyond industry standards to provide the best quality care.

Do I need to see my Doctor for a Physical Therapy prescription?

No prescription required. New Jersey is a Direct Access state. Direct Access means that you can seek out a physical therapy provider without having to see a physician first. 

Do you take my insurance?

Due to the nature of our highly specialized and personalized services, we have strategically chosen to move out of network. We refuse to have insurance companies dictate what is best for our clientele in order to give the best possible clinical outcomes. This allows our doctors to use the full scope of modalities and treatment techniques without having to ask permission from insurance or primary doctors, to treat how we see fit! South Jersey Physical Therapy, LLC is an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans. This means all of our patients pay out-of –pocket for our services. See below for cost breakdown and self submit options.

Click here to find out why  it is better to pay out of-pocket for Physical Therapy services and for a cost breakdown of insurance pay vs. self pay.

How do I self-submit a claim to my insurance for potential reimbursement?

Self-submitting a claim is a possibility when the subscriber or         member(s) of an insurance plan have met their out of         network deductible for the year. When calling your insurance          provider it’s best to be prepared with the following specific   series of questions:

  1. I’m calling for instructions on how to self-submit a claim for Physical Therapy from an out-of-network provider.
  2. Have I hit my out-of-network deductible for 2023?
  3. Aside from the Superbill receipt, what exact form is needed from my insurance plan to self-submit a claim? (*Hyperlink definition for Superbill- A Superbill is an itemized document that details the list of services you have provided to your client. A document like this allows clients to bill their insurance company directly which helps them get reimbursed for service if your practice does not accept their insurance.)
  4. Where do I mail or fax the claim form? 

How long will my appointment be?

The initial consultation is 90 minutes, which allows for the therapist to do a comprehensive evaluation called SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment).  This specialized evaluation technique is an assessment of your entire body and any areas which may need physical therapy.  Remember…. “The sight of pain is oftentimes not the cause of pain.”

This means the injury you came to us to treat might be related to some other area of weakness or dysfunction in your body.  Our in-depth assessment will reveal what program exercises will become part of your SJPT Personalized Plan of Care. Each follow up appointment is one hour. We ask that you kindly arrive on time as to not detract from our other patient’s sessions.

What should I wear to my appointment?

Please dress comfortably to all visits. We suggest wearing sneakers and workout clothes that allow you to move freely. 

The Athlete for Life Roadmap

You have been blessed with an amazing body that is capable of so
much. If you’re anything like most of the people we work with, you want
more out of life and love being physically active.

I want to help you get back to all the activities you love and continue to
participate in them for as long as you want. I strongly believe that if you
have a body, you’re an athlete.

Now it’s time to start treating you body like it deserves!

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