Physical Therapy

Are you trying to stay healthy and fit, but your pain gets in the way?

Are you worried that an injury will prevent you from participating in activities you love?

Have you been dealing with a chronic injury that hasn’t gone away?

Have you seen other medical providers, but your pain persists?

At SJPT, we alleviate your pain and help you avoid future injury without surgery and prescription drugs.

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Advanced Treatment Methodologies



Advanced Treatment Methodologies



Strength Training
& Return to Play

We are athletes who understand athletes’ needs.

South Jersey Physical Therapy offers services to transition patients from traditional rehabilitation to performance. Whether weekend warriors looking to maintain a level of fitness, or athletes looking to get ready for an upcoming season/competition, our physical therapists design in person and/or digital programming to meet your individual health and performance goals. 

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According to the Legacy Foundation, a concussion is a brain injury that occurs when there is an impact to the head or body that causes forceful linear and rotational movement of the brain inside the skull. A concussion can occur from being struck on the head or body as well. 

Common Symptoms are:

A concussion should be treated by a group of experienced health care providers starting with a school nurse and/or athletic trainer as well as a physical therapist and physician. Patients should look for a physical therapist that has experience with treating concussions and offer a one on one setting to better ensure proper guidance and help maintain or progress that patients activity level to reduce the risk of injury once the athlete is cleared to play. A physical therapist with a sports certification (SCS) and an athletic training background (ATC) can be better suited to deal with concussion athletes and progress them back to the sport. 

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