Laser Therapy

February 15, 2022

What is Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy, or low-level light therapy (LLLT), is a cutting-edge technology aimed to heal our body at the cellular level. It uses a process called “Photobiomodulation” to interact with the mitochondria of our cells. Mitochondria are tiny power houses that supply energy and metabolism to our entire body! Light from the laser enters our body and stimulates these mitochondria, where a cascade of biological events occurs to promote activity. Stimulating these cells can lead to a decrease in pain, reduction in muscle spasm, and improved circulation necessary for recovery and healing.

Why do we use it?
LLLT can be a great addition to physical therapy, as it is a powerful tool which has been shown to quickly provide reductions in pain and inflammation. At SJPT, laser is used not only for acute injuries and swelling, but also for neuropathic injury, headaches, chronic arthritis-related pain, muscle strains, and to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness post training. The use of lasers in the early phases of rehab opens the door for treatment options and exercise that would otherwise be delayed due to pain. Our goal is to find and eliminate the root cause of pain – then we can begin activities to keep you out of pain long term.
What is the research saying?
The effectiveness of laser therapy is still being thoroughly researched, but the results to date are promising. Studies indicate that laser therapy can significantly improve pain and disability scores among patients when used in conjunction with appropriate exercise.

Interested in learning more about laser therapy, and how it may be a great addition to your current regimen? Click (here) to learn more and schedule a consultation today!

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