Why we Choose to be an Out-of-Network Provider

January 4, 2022

We often get the question from our clients as to why we are out-of-network with their health insurance providers. The answer is plain and simple. Because we care about your outcomes!

Being contracted (in-network) with insurance companies limits the amount of time we get to spend together. It doesn’t always allow us to give you what you may need to achieve your long-term goals. Insurance will only pay for what they seem to be “medically necessary.” This may mean giving interventions that seem too basic or passive like electric stimulation and ultrasound. Medically necessary does not mean “get you back to activity.” Being an out-of-network provider means that we can do whatever we need to get you to achieve your goals and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-term.

We know that a comprehensive plan of care involves more than just the basics. It includes talking about nutrition, sleep, and stress management. It also may include habit formation strategies as well. Making change takes time. Our model allows us to spend as much time as we need to achieve your goals.

Keep in mind that our model isn’t for everyone. But if you’re in need of a coach that can help you achieve your goals – whether it be running a 5k, playing golf until your 90, returning to training after an injury, or simply looking to get out of pain, South Jersey Physical Therapy may be a good fit.

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